Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Well Said!

From Jacques Conejo's comment to yesterday's "Predicting the Future" post:

The days and hours come and go and encourage the illusion of stability. It's challenging to live every day with the knowledge that there are literally dozens of super high-impact elements floating just beyond the peripheral vision.

The presentation of even one of the "big shit" elements will radically, rapidly and irreversibly alter our sense of security that's born of that illusion of stability.

The likelihood of multiple presentations is high and the attendant impacts will be proportionately, exponentially disruptive.

Now that's jargon I can relate to! In a parallel life, you could have gotten a PhD in Systems Analysis, God forbid!

As it turns out, the 70s and 80s were the key decades, but progressive messages were either ignored or marginalized. I lived through it, and was painfully aware of not getting any "traction" for my message.

And now for the payoff... we know that the piper is about to be paid big time, but we don't know exactly how yet.


Anonymous Jacques Conejo said...

Yes, "God forbid" indeed. Muted intelligence is probably my only shield against verifiable, over the top, irreconcilable insanity.

I wonder if the lack of "traction" you describe might have borne a hidden gift - the tiny, almost imperceptible sliver of hope - the ability to secretly harbor the wish that you'll be proven wrong. The capacity to pray the secret prayer:

"Dear God,
I will gratefully accept the derision of my contemporaries, and their laughing claims that I was dysfunctionally deluded, if you will please just prove that my fears are unfounded... Please show me how and why things aren't unfolding the way they seem to be. I want to believe. Can you open my eyes and ears to a way of seeing and hearing differently - seeing and hearing the way they do - and make it believable? Thank you. Amen."

Of course as time passes and our worst prognostications seem to be coming ever more evidently to fruition, perhaps the message, the answer to that prayer is a thunderous rolling laugh from the heavens accompanied by the counsel: Trust Thyself! Not much consolation though. No joy in having called this one accurately.

Keep up the good work!

Peace Brother,


7:15 AM  

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