Monday, April 06, 2009

Predicting the Future

I want to talk briefly about the accurate predictions I made back in 1998. Making predictions at that point in time was really quite easy. I was merely using the basic principles of science: 1) Make accurate observations, and 2) draw the logical conclusions from these observations.

In 1998, I felt that I (unlike most Americans) had an accurate understanding of what was really going on, and concluded that nothing fundamental was going to change anytime soon. Things would get more extreme, to be sure, but the overall dynamic wouldn’t change. So making predictions back in 1998 was simple: "More of the same, only worse."

Things are different now. The next ten years or so are more difficult to predict. The powers-that-be might manage to paper things over for awhile, but inevitably we will start experiencing some major discontinuities. It’s impossible to say exactly what these discontinuities will be, but we can guess that they would probably involve any combination of: climate catastrophe, total financial breakdown, energy shortages, food shortages, water shortages, terrorist attacks, war, insurrection (probably from right-wing yahoos with machine guns), you name it. The actual form the discontinuities take isn’t as important as the fact that they will occur at all. The future from here on out is murky, because it’s difficult or impossible, from our vantage point, to see beyond the discontinuities.

I’m reminded of a black hole. The surface of a black hole is called an "event horizon," from which no light, and in fact no information of any kind, can escape. So... looking into the future, what we see is fuzzy and foggy because of the event horizon(s) in the way. All we can say is, "whoa baby, big shit gonna happen!"

I’m struck by the utter helplessness of the American people at this point, and how easy it will be to manipulate them when the "big shit" finally hits the fan. (What we’ve experienced so far is merely the warmup.) Unlike the Great Depression, when people were still capable of "making do," modern Americans, living their totally programmed soft lives, have no Plan B. Everybody, from Obama on down, is waiting for all this to blow over, so that they can return to the artificial prosperity and easy comfort they think they’re entitled to. After the discontinuities begin, this attitude will surely change.


Anonymous Jacques Conejo said...

Well, I guess ya just can't stop saying what's true huh?

I for one welcome your perspectives on our situation. I'm glad you continue to share good, clear observations.

I appreciate your use of the word "discontinuities". Discontinuity defined as "lack of continuity; irregularity - The mathematical application - "A point at which a function is not continuous", and particularly the Geological application - "A zone deep within the earth where the velocity of earthquake waves changes radically".

Discontinuity is an excellent word to describe, as best one can, what to expect.

And yes, quite aptly, "event horizon" describes what I also experience when looking forward.
There really are too many moving parts and impinging factors for anyone short of "shaman vision" to pinpoint and sequence the coming events.

The days and hours come and go and encourage the illusion of stability. It's challenging to live every day with the knowledge that there are literally dozens of super high-impact elements floating just beyond the peripheral vision.

The presentation of even one of the "big shit" elements will radically, rapidly and irreversibly alter our sense of security that's born of that illusion of stability.

The likelihood of multiple presentations is high and the attendant impacts will be proportionately, exponentially disruptive.

So, simply stated, I see what you say as being true and likely. I appreciate and respect your willingness to skillfully point toward these issues in your thinking and writing. We both know it's not much fun being the spokesperson for these aspects of reality. It doesn't make for light and lively social repartee.

The inability or refusal to chit-chat about inanities generates the rejection and derision that drives the realistic observer further into isolation. What's needed so desperately is for the speaker of those truths to be drawn ever closer to the center of society's attention. As we both know, this awareness and $4.50 will get you a super latte half-caf mexicano low-fat diet coffee...with extra foam and double cocoa - to go.

So thanks for calling out, as you have for so many years, from your isolation. Some people are listening, but I know you do it because it seems you must, whether anyone pays attention or not. Thanks again!

Peace in the moment,


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