Tuesday, August 10, 2004

This is a Test

Bounce Mama strikes again! Still bouncing forgiveness. Another story.

We have a person who we do business with, but we have never met her in person. Years ago, when we were engaged in another enterprise, she did some volunteer work for us that we appreciated and from which she got free publicity and ego strokes. Well, okay, I can see the set-up for discord now with 20/20 hindsight, but at the time we thought it seemed like a good idea.

We were a struggling business at the time and felt forced to make some changes in our format which included downsizing this woman’s contribution. A tricky proposition at best, we handled it with as much tact as we could. Partly because we usually try to be decent people and partly because she was still selling some other of our products which profited us. She seemed to always hold a grudge against us since that time, but she did continue to order our product to re-sell at a good profit to her.

Business-wise things seemed to be going well. The undercurrents with the woman’s emails and phone messages were increasingly stormy. We could do nothing right in her opinion. She flamed us many emails about how our methods of addressing her were inadequate. She rudely ranted on about how rude we were to her. Now, truly folks, on the surface our emails were NOT rude, we were really trying to just get along with her the best we could in order to continue to do business with her. So we thought anyway.

So this morning I got the PIE IN THE FACE message about what I had been doing with this woman. Even though my email messages were picture-perfect polite, I was VIBING scorn and derision at her because she was so over the top RUDE and NASTY. I got the smack in the face that she has been mirroring back to me what I have been sending out about her at a feeling level. I can email niceness and flowers, but if I am not forgiving her for reading the crummy material that I have programmed into my hard drive, then she is going to be totally incapable of responding with anything but pain and ferocious temper. It really is all in me, like it or not. I had been sending her messages that seemed nice on the surface but were really loaded, in between the pixels, with negative vibrations.

I sent her a totally neutral email this morning, probably the first REALLY NEUTRAL one ever. I got into forgiveness of both of us, and I am working hard on sending out friendly, healing vibes to her. I’ll let you know what happens! I am expecting a miracle.
-- Laura Solberg


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