Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Bouncing Forgiveness

We still haven't heard back from Blogger about how to change this into a group blog. The following post is by Laura:

I have spent much of the last three weeks bouncing! I am known for my love of bouncing, either on the mini-rebounder in our bedroom, or our full size trampoline outside in our pasture. It makes me high to bounce, always has. There is scientific research indicating the health benefits of being suspended with no pressure on the lymph system. This allows for great cleansing to take place. So, it really does make me healthier to bounce. That, and I love to feel that giddy, giggly feeling of being free of the Earth, flying. It has always been happy-making for me.

However, for the last three weeks I have been bouncing in combination with another purpose. I attended a prosperity workshop sponsored by my local Mastery in Life church. This workshop challenged us to work their program for the next 30 days. One of the most inspiring and difficult assignments has been to mentally forgive EVERYONE I am holding in unforgiveness, and that includes MYSELF. Forgive them for everything, forgive myself for everything that I have not forgiven! Ye Gods! What a task! We are to spend ½ hour every evening before sleep doing this forgiveness work. Yes, that is right, thirty (30) solid minutes of nothing but forgiveness.

The first couple of nights I struggled with this task, not really even sure I was understanding what forgiveness really means. I made lists of everyone I imagined needed my forgiveness. I pondered forgiveness. Then about the third night it came to me that forgiveness is an ACTIVITY! Forgiveness is as active as walking, running, yes, even bouncing! So, I knew I had been given my clue about how to forgive: I bounce. I have my list of forgiveness candidates close by and I jump up and down actively forgiving them and, most especially, me. Now remember the assignment was to Mentally forgive. So, I said it over and over, "I forgive.........I am forgiven......" This was mental, but I made it physical with the bouncing. I began to feel the forgiveness in my body because of the activity.

When I began, I would review my day and discover incidences where I uncovered anger, resentment, and negative feelings lurking. UP! Forgive them! DOWN! Forgive myself! UP! "I forgive!" DOWN! "I am forgiven!" Soon I was finding those events red flagging themselves during the day when they actually happened. I am becoming adept at recognizing an event which, if I do not forgive when it is happening, I will have to forgive later when I am bouncing. I can now sometimes forgive in real time AS EVENTS HAPPEN! Other events are dealt with, actively, during my ½ hour of bouncing in the evening.

ACTIVE FORGIVING shows real promise for becoming a permanent way of life for me. I already feel less burdened with guilt and depression. I already feel joy bubbling up along with me as I bounce! BOUNCE ON, DUDE!

-- Laura Solberg


Blogger elpolvo said...

hi laura.

great post...

but it's been two daze without another post.

FORGIVE me for asking but...

is this just a "dead cat" BOUNCE?

there are hundreds of us out here waiting
for the next installment.

-just dust

1:32 AM  

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