Saturday, July 24, 2004

A Simple Strategy

I'm still thinking about the Silver City censorship scandal. If I lived in Silver City, here's what I would do:

I would spend a day listening to the entire 7 hours of destroyer programming on KNFT. With a clipboard, I would write down every advertisement. At the end of the day I would add everything up and write a summary: First National Bank ran 6 one-minute ads on Limbaugh, 4 ads on Savage, 5 ads on O'Reilly, for a total of 15 ads. Ace Pizza ran 10 ads. And so forth.

Then I would type this summary up real nice. Then I would run off 1000 copies and post them on every available bulletin board, leaves piles laying around, and hand out multiple copies to everybody I know. I would mail copies to all the local and state media. And I would post the info on my blog, so the entire universe would know.

That's all there is to it. Just get the information out there. There's no need to tell people what to do. There's no need to lead a boycott. People will be outraged, or not. They will be inwardly led on an individual basis. As things stand right now, the destroyers control the critical information (who is advertising, and on what programs). Yet this information is broadcast daily on KNFT... it's just a mattter of collating it, and redirecting it. Just like a laser. Who knows what people might do, if they had the information they really needed to make intelligent choices?

Then the destroyer businessmen of Silver City would learn the true meaning of the phrase, "He who lives by the sword might get a big surprise."

But I don't live in Silver City, so I'll just have to wring my hands and fulminate.


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