Sunday, July 18, 2004

Well here we are!

This is my first post.  In addition to my usual political and sociological ramblings, I intend to get seriously into sustainable living and intentional community.  Doing something different.  Something hopefully better, or at least more satisfying than consumerism.  But first, gotta post this and see what happens... 


Blogger Gordon Solberg said...

Just seeing if this thing works.

4:42 PM  
Blogger elpolvo said...

gordon solberg dude-

welcome to the all-inclusive cyber world of the internet. i'm glad to see New Earth Times published here for all to read and comment on. you're too good a journalist, too good a thinker, and too at one with the universe to have your work relegated to some small quarterly like Dry Country News in a small corner of a sparsely populated state in the southwest united states.
when the universe talks, you know what it's saying. it sure helps me to get your translation and see how it matches up with mine. so far so good, we're still on the same frequency most of the time.

it may take a few weeks for your regular e-mail listers to get on here and figure this blog stuff out. i'm a web man of considerable experience and i'm not sure i even have the hang of this. i tried to post a comment and was forced to register first. in the process of registering i ended up with my own blogspot (not what i wanted to do). i named it "blue frog blog" (what else, eh?) so, anyway, i think i'm registered to comment and i'll give the "publish" button a click and see if i did this right.

maybe one of your early entries can be a mini-tutorial on the steps for readers to become writers and critics on your New Earth Times blog?

-dusty arrington
albuquerque, nm

7:20 PM  

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