Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Wonderland Pics

Here are some pics of last week's snow:

One advantage to this coldframe design, I have discovered, is that light can enter even when the lid is closed.

I have the lumber to build proper lids for the garden coldframes, but haven't had the time to build them yet.  In the meantime I'm covering them with blankets at night.  Snow weights them down and makes them sag.

Laura cleaning the snow off the steps.  If we don't do this immediately, the snow gets packed down, freezes, and becomes impossible to remove.  The steps face northeast, so they remain in the shade all day, and the ice can remain for days.  Icy steps are dangerous, and a real drag.  So removing the snow from the steps is always a top priority for us.

Laura took this picture looking back towards the house and Ark, with the river to the right.