Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Betrayal of Stunning Proportions

Barack Obama now owns the Afghanistan War. That didn’t take long! Yessir, that’s change I can believe in! I sure am glad I voted for him, and I’ll be sure to vote for him in 2012!

Has enough evidence accumulated yet? Is there anything else we need to know about him? Is there any doubt remaining about his true agenda?

One thing’s for sure: He’s no wimp. He’s got a set of brass cojones. To kiss off his base like that, to tell them to fuck off like he has done, is a breathtaking exercise in political cynicism. He’s a Chicago pol through and through. Nothing is accidental. His agenda has been set from the very beginning. Turn over the Treasury Department to Wall Street? Check. Send the Bush/Cheney war criminals safely down the memory hole? Check. Fumble the ball on health care, financial reform and climate change? Check, check, and check.

All this constant kissing of Republican ass, and the consistently insulting attitude toward progressives? Strictly intentional. In fact it's been said that he might as well be a Manchurian Candidate, whose purpose is to depress and demoralize the Democratic base. Build them up, then sell them out. Splendid job, Mr. President!