Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Pictures

House west of Vado.  Interesting use of alternating square and rounded decorations on top of the parapet.  I have this theory that there's an identifiable southern New Mexico architectural style from the 40s and 50s.  I didn't come across any examples on this trip, though this house is sort of in the realm.

Cottonpicker.  Just a snapshot of some November farmland ambiance.  When I first moved here in 1960, braceros (imported workers from Mexico) were still picking the cotton by hand. 

Another example of the oddball architecture I love so well.  The pink trailer in the lower-left is being engulfed by the house-in-progress.  Like a bacterium being eaten by an amoeba.

Laura asked why didn't they sell the trailer and use the money towards the house?  I would guess that 1) they are still living in the trailer and 2) the trailer has a nice interior (paneling, etc) that has the advantage of being already built.

From time to time I see works-in-progress like this sitting out there in the weather month after month.  This is fine if you don't mind working with warped lumber.  Ohterwise, I would recommend budgeting time and money for getting the job completed in a timely way once you begin. 

This ends the photo set from our little trip down to the south valley.  Next, we'll be visiting the little third-world village of Hatch, famous for its chile.  This will probably be in a few weeks.  First I've got to complete my tool shed addition in a timely way.