Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo Expedition

Yesterday Laura and I went on a little photo expedition south of Las Cruces.  We seldom get down that way except to check our beehives, and wanted to get some photographs of whatever caught our eye.  We're working on several different projects:

* "Old New Mexico" -- whatever remains from the olden days when things seemed more authentic.

*  Vernacular architecture -- anything funky, or unusual, or brightly-colored.  We will pass hundreds of houses before we stop to take a picture.

*  Roadside shrines.  When people get killed in an auto accident, sometimes their relatives will build a shrine for them where the accident occurred.

*  Folk art.  The usual quirkiness. 

Here are a few samples from yesterday:

Roadside shrine south of Las Cruces.

Old barn near Vado.  The walls of the main section are made of adobe, the wing on the left side is made of lumber.  The roof is, or was, made of metal.  There's a concrete silo in the background.  This was obviously quite a farming operation back in the day.  Buildings like this simply don't exist in the North Valley north of Las Cruces, which is shorter and much narrower than the South Valley.  There are a lot more square miles in the South Valley, and more opportunities to find decaying architectural treasures like this one.

Folk art north of San Miguel.  Long may she wave, etc.

More photos to come...