Tuesday, November 17, 2009


By some coincidence, Laura and I watched “Idiocracy” last night, about a dumbed-down America 500 years in the future. We repeatedly commented to each other how it resembled America of today. Which was the intent of the movie, no doubt.

When talking about American moron culture, Kunstler always talks about the cheez-doodle-eatin’, NASCAR-watchin’, mega-church-goin’ lumpen prole class, but he always seems to ignore that they’ve been programmed to worship all things military, which has serious consequences. Gotta support the troops, whatever their mission may be. Libruls may complain that the mission sucks, that our troops shouldn’t be over there in the first place, but to the lumpen proles, we’ve gotta support our troops because freedom ain’t free, and it’s better to fight them over there than over here. What a masterful indoctrination job has been done since World War 2! Generation after generation, all trained to support the troops regardless of all logic.

A local example of this is the Las Cruces McPaper, the Sun-News. If you have the opportunity to scan the front page regularly, pay attention to the photographs. Before long you will discover that the Sun-News spares no opportunity to print pictures of soldiers, or the Flag, or best yet, soldiers carrying the Flag. (Ours is a Flag of War.) The function of this is to constantly remind readers of what this country is really about, to send the simple message: “Soldiers Good. Flag Good. War Good.” The Sun-News editors are probably unaware of what they’re really doing. To them, they’re just doing the right thing. This goes to show how deeply the pro-military mindset has been internalized in this country.

Now I’ve got to stop fooling around and start working on my Grassroots Press column.