Monday, November 16, 2009

Interesting T or C House

Truth or Consequences, NM is a seedy little town that appeals to low-budget retirees who like to fish.  (Elephant Butte Lake is nearby.)  As the Boomers reach retirement age, a certain new creativity is now on display.  This photo captures some interesting exterior design elements:
    * The gate with brightly-colored doodads and interesting shapes affixed to the wire so they seem to "float in space."
    *  Diagonal shade cast by the ramada.
    *  Most interesting of all, the rock wall.  This is no ordinary rock wall.  The builder installed fence posts, and nailed fence wire to both sides of the posts.  Then he or she laid rocks into the gap between the wire, which holds the rocks in place.  This wall will last only until the wire rusts away, but till then offers the unique look of a rock wall with air spaces.  Pretty spacy, huh?

More rock wall.  The roadrunner was cut into corrugated sheet metal with a welding torch.  We couldn't get a better angle on it because there was a car parked right in front.  Notice the use of reed fencing in the background, which blends well with the rock wall.

BTW, this house is just down the street from "the house with the purple door."  This is what gentrification looks like in T or C:  purple doors and green roadrunners.

This section of fence utilizes wooden poles.  That's a nice use of alternating long and short poles.  The gate looks like corrugated sheet metal from which the galvanizing has been removed.  Nice use of rust as a design element!  The rust blends well with the warm color of the house.

A rust-colored mailbox (as one might expect), supported by a wire cylinder filled with rocks.  More rusty fencing in the background, with more alternating poles.  I suspect the "rust" is some kind of paint or stain.  All in all, this property owner has a consistent vision, the elements of which complement and reinforce each other.  Well done!