Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Sickening Spectacle

Gosh, could it be that the healthcare "debate" in Congress is designed to make us sick, so that we will need expensive, for-profit healthcare?

At any rate, it takes a lot to get me off my ass and communicate with my congresspeople. I assume that, at best, my emails are read by an intern who checks "pro" or "con" on a clipboard.

Of our three congresspeople:

Udall had a liberal voting record in the House, so I hope he'll vote our way.

Teague is an unknown quantity, though he talked a good talk during the campaign.

Bingaman is a corporate hack. I didn't vote for him last time; I voted for nobody. He'll back some mealy-mouthed "compromise."

Without further ado, here's my email to Teague. The others are similar:

Dear Congressman Teague:

I voted for you because you said you would stand up for the "little guy."

I want Single Payer health care, but realize this is off the table because the process is fundamentally corrupt.

What I want is Public Option -- a strong, robust, no-nonsense Public Option that really provides strong coverage. Like the coverage congresspeople get.

People out here are suffering under the domination of the corrupt for-profit insurance companies. It's time for their domination to end.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you're really made of.

Thank you,

Gordon Solberg

With that stiff challenge at the end, I'm sure they're quaking in their boots! But I'm serious about wanting the same "gold plated" health insurance they get.