Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dove Drama

This pair of White-Winged Doves was waiting for us when we got to Farmer's Market Saturday morning. We assumed it was Mama and baby, but maybe it was Daddy Dove. Evidently the baby had left the nest, and at least one of the parents was still taking care of it. We wondered what was going to happen when the crowds showed up, but before long the baby flew over to a nearby planter filled with vegetation, and the parent soon joined it. Hunkered down, they were nearly invisible. As the morning progressed, thousands of people walked by within a few feet of them.

Five hours later, here they were, still hunkered down. The baby is nearly invisible in the shadow to the left of Mama Dove. Hopefully after everybody was gone they were able to get a nice meal of popcorn and other Farmer's Market leftovers.