Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Greater Depression

Stoneleigh of Automatic Earth says:

"We are headed straight into the teeth of the Greater Depression, which should last many years and should see many of our complex social structures collapse. We will have neither the capital nor the energy to maintain anything like our current standard of living. Credit will be a thing of the past for most people, and access to actual money will be very much diminished as unemployment skyrockets and savings, investments and entitlements are abruptly lost. The effect will be devastating for those with so far to fall."

Sounds a lot of James Howard Kunstler, doesn't it?

It's also what I believe. We will, soon enough, be living in a country with no Social Security, no pensions, no Medicaid, no help from Big Brother of any kind. Because Big Brother (who is owned by the parasite class) will be too broke to help. Which was the intention all along, as we stood idly by.

I concluded some time ago that I was wasting my time sounding any kind of warning, giving financial advice, or posting how-to survival information, because people would simply ignore whatever I had to say. This is why I post mostly pretty pictures with whimsical little captions.