Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grape Cage

1982. In order to protect my grapes from birds, I built this grape cage. I used saltcedar uprights, horizontal willow poles, and covered it all with 1" chickenwire. As I smugly awaited my assured harvest, the cage was penetrated by flocks of the smallest birds I have ever seen -- much smaller than sparrows -- who flew right through the wire and devastated my crop. I was so frustrated, I shot dozens of .22 rounds at them with murderous intent. I didn't kill a single bird -- they were so small and moved around constantly.

The next year I gave up, removed the wire, and covered each individual cluster with cloth bags. I have never seen these birds since. I assume they're still here, but they're so small, they never catch my eye.

The grape cage was located where my papercrete office is right now, with me in it, typing on my keyboard.