Monday, August 03, 2009


Thanks a million to all you enthusiastic New Earth Timesers! It is abundantly clear that you are a spunky bunch who love a good contest challenge. The response to our "Guess the Name of This Dog" Contest was overwhelming and it took us a while to wade through all the guesses. Our favorite wrong guess was by Jacques Conejo who rocked our socks off and had us rolling on the floor with his "Mash." Way to go Jacques! We are awarding him a Consolation Prize of a 5-year subscription to our blog!

So with no further ado, we are now ready to reveal that the dog's real name is "Face." He belongs to the hotdog vendor at our Las Cruces Farmers Market. What a hoot! Stay tuned here at New Earth Times because we have more contests and fun coming up than you could wag your tail at.

-Laura Solberg-