Friday, July 31, 2009

Tales from the Goat Path

For the past month I've been posting my stories and essays on the Gila Sustainable Community Forum, which is based in Silver City, but also includes outlying areas like the Mimbres River and Gila River valleys. I'm on the fringe (as one would expect), but spiritually I've always been oriented towards the Black Range/Gila Wilderness area, not Las Cruces.

My column is called Tales from the Goat Path, and includes the edited and improved versions of my stories and blog posts. My posts have gotten up to 66 reads, which is probably more than this blog gets. Sometimes the posts even get comments. My favorite one mentions soarbird (my online alias), "whose writings are funny, beautiful, educational, and also uplifiting." Way to stroke my ego, I appreciate it!

You don't have to join the forum to read the posts, but you have to join to comment or make posts of your own. Joining is simple and takes but a couple of minutes. Readers of this blog who live in southwest New Mexico might want to check the Forum out.