Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dry Monsoon

The rains have been very spotty so far this summer. There have been some heavy rains here and there, but nothing region-wide. Las Cruces has had several heavy rains that I've heard of. On July 22 I was harvesting honey south of LC and passed mile after mile of flooded pecan orchards -- a sure sign of heavy rain the night before. But here at Soarbird Ranch, the rainfall has been minimal.

Our rainfall totals so far this summer:

June 0
July 1.92"

Of that 1.92", 1.30" fell on July 4 (which added a lot of water to our rainwater catchment tanks). The second-greatest rainfall was .21" on July 21. All in all, not much of a month, rainfall-wise.

I talked to a guy in Silver City last week so said their monsoon was "pathetic." This is one of those summers where you might get 2 inches of rain in half an hour, or nothing. It's weather like this that caused people to invent rain dances.