Wednesday, June 10, 2009


1987. In 1983 I built a couple of deluxe coldframes, that worked very well. The one in front was 16 feet long, and the one in back, which is still there, is 8 feet long. Notice how I painted the inside white to reflect the light back onto the plants. The lids are covered with corrugated fiberglass, and were propped open during the day to keep the plants from overheating.

In southern NM and wherever daytime winter temperatures usually get above freezing, a transparent cover is not necessary. An opaque lid is stronger and cheaper. Merely open the lid during the daytime and let the sun shine directly onto the plants. A well-designed coldframe is inexpensive, will last for years, and will quickly pay for itself with the winter veggies it produces. I highly recommend coldframes for gardeners who want year-round food production.


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