Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Emperor Obama

America has been an empire since the Second World War, but the political process has lagged way behind. Tradition dies hard. But finally, what we still quaintly call the "Presidency" has achieved truly imperial power.

Our first emperor, of course, was our beloved Boy-King, George W. Bush, living out the Oedipal necessities of his family programming.

Obama is Emperor #2. With his rhetorical gifts and upbeat personality, he has convinced the rabble that he represents "change," while in actuality he enhances the power of the Empire and its parasitical elite at every turn.

Like a blind worm probing relentlessly through the mud, the Empire is still seeking the perfect emperor. That's why our emperors are still term-limited.

But eventually, after the rabble have been reduced to desperate penury, we will have an Emperor-for-Life worthy of the title. Ideally, he would have the sunny self-confidence of Obama, and the behind-the-scenes ruthlessness of "Dick" Cheney. The machinery is already in place for this takeover... notice that Obama isn't dismantling any of it.


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