Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Parasites in Control

I didn't write a Grassroots Press column this time. I don't see how it makes much difference one way or the other. But if I had, the lede would have been:

"The parasites have the situation well in hand. Not only do they own the government from Obama on down, they own the news media as well."

A post in yesterday's Automatic Earth expands on this concept, explaining how investors will be programmed to quickly forget our present time of troubles, and be eager to be fleeced again. Look for the June 2 post, "Not a Worry in the World," and look for the article "10 Reasons Terminators destroy 'Twitter-brains.' "

Something we should always remember:

"About eight million billionaires and millionaires run America. This small minority own and control about 90% of America's total wealth: 'They're not smarter. They're not happier. They just know how the game is played and, for the most part, what to do to stay there. Sometimes everybody forgets that the whole thing is designed to keep the powerful in power and the rich in their McMansions.' The other 300 million have no real power because America is not a democracy: 'We'll forget that, of course, as soon as the markets simmer down.' "


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