Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Update

Well, the slide scanner I bought was a piece of junk. It scans, but the color is off, and the contrast is off -- in other words, junk.

Fortunately, Walgreens still makes prints from slides, so I'm back to Plan A -- in 1987 I had a hundred or so of my best slides printed up and made a scrapbook of them. For the past little while now I've been scanning these prints and posting them onto the blog. The quality is amazingly good, all things considered.

Back in the day, they had to make an internegative of the slide, from which they made the final print. In other words, analog. These days, they scan the slide (they have a much better scanner that I do, needless to say) and make the print from that. In other words, digital. And you know what? Analog is better! The colors are more saturated. Remember when CDs first came out and connoisseurs complained that they sounded tinny? This is because DIGITAL IS NOT BETTER! Well glory be, who woulda figured? We've been snookered yet again! Why is this?

At any rate, the Walgreens prints are plenty good enough to post on a blog, so I plan to finally start sorting through my thousands of slides and see what they have to offer this blogging effort.

Why am I posting so much stuff from c. 1978? The answer is simple: my slides, and my scrapbook of my best prints from that era, escaped the flood. Most everything else (from the early 80s until 2006) got flood damaged -- some slightly, some totally. (After the flood, some friends took our prints, boxes of them, and laid them all over the floor at Quaker House to dry. We still haven't gotten these prints back yet, but when I do, I'm sure I'll be posting pics of young fox Laura, etc.)


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