Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chakra Bouncing

The human “chakra problem” started when we lost our tails lo those many millions of years ago.

Animals with tails, you see, have chakras all the way to the ends of their tails. The tails serve as “antennas” for the cosmic energies we are immersed in at all times. Animals absorb beneficial energies through their crown chakras at the tops of their heads and release whatever they want through their tails — anger, contentment, indifference, whatever.

When animals sleep, they wrap their tails around their bodies, thereby surrounding themselves with a field of beneficial and protective energy. Humans, having lost this “beneficial tail energy capability,” always feel a need for snuggling and cuddling, because they no longer have tails to cuddle themselves with. For this reason, humans prefer to snuggle and cuddle with each other whenever possible.

One simple and effective way of sharing energy and affection between two human beings is known as “chakra bouncing.”

The two participants in this particular ritual sit facing each other, knees touching, holding hands if desired. Then they simply lean forward, touch the tops of their heads together, and send great fountains and geysers of all colors of light back and forth into, around and through each other. Sometimes people bounce multicolored paisley swirls between themselves. For this reason, it is called “chakra bouncing.”

A few minutes each day of chakra bouncing with your favorite people is great fun, and is a quiet way of enhancing the quantity and quality of one’s overall energy level on many levels at once.


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