Thursday, January 07, 2010


I sent this picture to James Howard Kunstler to add to his "Eyesore of the Month" collection, along with this note:

Here’s another eyesore for your collection: the new $81 million Federal Building in Las Cruces, NM. It looks like the architect put every possible design element in a pot, stirred well, and this is what came out: stucco, copper cladding, rock facing; right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles; arbitrary overhangs; zigzags; three colors of paint. It looks like it was stuck together with legos. It looks like a ziggurat on psilocybin. There’s nothing pleasing upon which the eye can rest in this mass of jumbled confusion. It’s like the Federal Government itself: still monstrously powerful, but lacking any sense of direction beyond gigantism for its own sake.


He emailed me right back:

Wow. That's a humdinger.
I'll let everybody know when he runs it on his site.


Randy Harris sent his observation:

I see that building often and only shudder at the obvious message we're sending...

"No money for schools or jobs ... Lots of money for courthouses. Lots of money to enable the burgeoning police-state. Lots of money for the machine that processes the uneducated and unemployed into the taxpayer funded "for profit prison systems". It's frightening that our direction as a society is so apparent and so thoroughly ignored.