Friday, December 18, 2009

Denial Increasing

Here are the results from the latest Zogby Interactive Poll, regarding American attitudes towards climate change:

                                                                                2007      2009

Slightly or not at all concerned                      39%       49%

Highly concerned                                                30%       20%

Looking more closely at the 2009 data, 68% of Republicans were “not at all concerned,” compared to just 7% of Democrats.

Denial is a fundamental human characterstic.  There has always been survival value in keeping the blinders on, living day-to-day, in the moment.  The moment, maybe I can handle.  The larger situation is beyond my understanding, much less my control.

What we see in this poll is the effectiveness of the right-wing propaganda machine (which includes the corporate media).  The left wing has nothing comparable -- blogs and print media aren't enough to overcome global TV.  So it's to be expected that the worse the situation becomes objectively, the more delusional Americans will become.  But not to worry, Jesus will be coming soon, and till then, there's nothing to worry about!