Sunday, November 01, 2009

Squeezing an Extra Couple of Days Out of Summer

When our first heavy freeze is predicted, we cover our tomato and pepper plants to protect them.  After the cold spell passes, so goes the theory, we can uncover the plants until the next freeze.  Some years, we can keep the plants alive for an extra couple of weeks this way.  Other years -- such as this one -- it freezes so hard that the cold penetrates the blankets and kills the plants.  This year, we only prolonged the life of our plants by two days.  In this photo, our resident garden sprite snuggles with a tomato plant.

This is what our garden looked like covered with blankets and quilts.  The only tomato plant to survive the 21 degree freeze was covered with a down comforter,  This makes sense -- the more insulation value, the more protection.

P.S.  This is our 500th post!