Sunday, November 08, 2009

Abandoned Church at San Acacia

Here's a remarkable find:  an abandoned church at San Acacia, NM north of Socorro.  Laura and I enjoy poking around in search of the rapidly-disappearing "authentic New Mexico."  We consider this church our most outstanding discovery so far.  All photos by Laura.

A closer view of the church.  Various parts of the structure are starting to lean at haphazard angles, which is the first step to ultimate collapse.

Just inside the door looking into the sanctuary.  One pew remains.  The alcove to the left is the confessional; the alcove to the right leads to another room behind the sanctuary.

All the graffiti in the church are of a religious nature, which is a nice touch.  There's none of the inappropriate "fuck sluts from Hell"  graffiti you might find elsewhere. 

More religious graffiti.  Fallen plaster reveals the adobe construction underneath.

A cultural anthropologist investigates behind the altar.

Inside the confessional.  The priest sat behind the screen on the other side of the little archway.

The money box.  Every church needs a money box.  Remarkably, it has a few coins inside.