Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seedlings Gone Wild

After 2 1/2 weeks, the coldframe seedlings are growing very well.  The sunrise lighting shows how well the seedlings outside the coldframes are doing, also.  The weeds are mostly arugula and grass.  I'll have to till the strips on either side of the coldframes in about a week.

Here's the kale coldframe.  Upper left, Siberian; upper right, Red Russian; lower left, Vates; lower right, Squire.  Each quadrant has room for maybe 4-6 mature plants, so we've got a lot of thinning to do.  Fortunately, the thinnings are edible.

Here's the collard coldframe.  From left:  Champion, Georgia, and Vates.  Vates isn't doing so hot so far.  Each section will hold 3-4 mature plants, so I wouldn't give up on Vates until the plants are mature.  But so far, Georgia is the champion.

The left section has Detroit beets, the middle has Chiogga beets, and the right section has potatoes, top and mizuna, bottom. 

Stay tuned for further exciting developments on the coldframe front!