Monday, August 31, 2009

New Earth Times is changing its name!!! OLD JUPITER NEWS

September Fools!! We've had this tradition in our family since Neil, now 20, was a smidge. Our feeling was why should April Fools Day fun happen only once a year when there are 11 other perfectly good months with Fools Days.

Mine were always pretty lame--"Hey it is snowing outside!" "June Fools!!" "Wow, look at the elephants in the river!" "December Fools!" "No school today--you can sleep in!" "February Fools!"

G on the paternal side, is a natural clown at coming up with worthy tricks. None of us could remember any of his swell Foolers specifically, but they were usually plausible and shocking and hilarious. Something about paying off all of Neil's bills for the rest of his life, or not paying for anything for Neil for the rest of his life, or, we got you a Les Paul guitar for Christmas (opps, we really did that one year but it had the same initial effect as a good Fools Day). You get the idea--almost believeable whoppers. I think it is what made Neil a strong and compassionate comedian. He always landed on his feet with a laugh. He always walked silly and carried a big yuck.

So remember Fools Day--it's not just for April anymore! Get out there and try on your Fools Self and make someone smile for September Fools! Thanks to Neil for being born a good sport and a charmer.
-Laura Solberg-