Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainy May

Today they're predicting mostly cloudy, high of 77, 50% chance of rain, and locally heavy rains possible. Unlike our typical hot and dry May weather, this is classic monsoon weather. Looks like it's a tad early this year -- like 6 weeks or so -- if it is indeed the monsoon.

In honor of the occasion, I have dug out my weather records so that I can talk about the wettest May I have ever experienced -- 1992.

On average, May is the third-driest month of the year, with an average precipitation of .30 inch. This is enough to raise the humidity for a couple of days. The driest month, by the way, is April, with .21 inch. So there isn't much difference between April and May.

May 1992 produced 3.17 inches of rain. It rained on 11 different days. The last part of the month was especially wet -- it rained on 8 of the 12 days between May 18 and 29.

Was this an early monsoon? Probably not -- June was very dry, with only .02 inches of rain. The lack of continuity seems to indicate that the heavy May rainfall was more like a freak of nature. Hang around long enough, and the "freaks" start to accumulate.

If we have May rains this year that continue through June into the regular monsoon period of July-September, then I'll call this an early monsoon, maybe the earliest ever. But not until then.

Coming soon -- wet Junes I have known.


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