Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Automatic Earth

I enjoy reading James Howard Kunstler's "Clusterfuck Nation" update every Monday morning. Keeps me in touch with how fucked up things really are.

Need more of a fix? Try Automatic Earth. This lucid and insightful blog is like reading ten "Clusterfuck Nations" every single day. Most days it's a bit too much information, but it certainly provides a thorough overview of the none-too-pretty global economic situation.

Try it... you might not like it, but you'll certainly be well-informed.


Anonymous Jacques Conejo said...


I looked this morning, through some of the writings on The Automatic Earth.

Everything you said and implied in your post is true. Very difficult reading. It's so much easier to stay focused on the "important" issues of the day-to-day demands.
I suppose that day-to-day duties and focus provides a balance and a respite from the challenges of expanded awareness.

Checking in on Kunstler and now The Automatic Earth regenerates for me a feeling that as I'm moving through my little world,I'm walking around on a movie set. It's so much easier to take things at face value as I spend my days in a cardboard cut-out, cartoon world. Distressing as broader awareness is, I guess that the commitment to comprehension of the situation demands the sacrifice of the comfort of illusion.

I still get images in my mind from The Matrix and The Truman Show.

So, thanks Gordon. I appreciate your extraordinary capacity to be aware of the larger and less obvious picture while(hopefully?) remaining in some sort of peace....


6:14 AM  

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