Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ape Goddess

When I decided to post another picture from our "ape series" – when Laura was mugging like an ape in our apple orchard back in November – I told her what a pleasure it is to know an ape who knows she’s an ape. "I’m also a goddess," she replied. This is hardly new information to me, but it set me to thinking, as such things often do.

It seems to me that apehood and goddesshood (or godhood, as the case may be) are one and the same. It’s just two different way of looking at the same phenomenon. The thing is, most people on this planet are neither apes nor gods – they’re humans. Which means they’re limited by whatever cultural programming they were indoctrinated with as children.

Women’s Liberation is much more than breaking the bonds of patriarchy or breaking the bonds of male domination. Women’s’ Liberation is actually a subset of Human Liberation, and Human Liberation is about reclaiming our true birthright. We are spiritual apes, and as such are capable of a much wider spectrum of experience and behavior than commonly encouraged by the dominant cultures infecting our planet. This would seem to be our evolutionary destiny, if humans don’t destroy the planet first.


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