Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I’m finding myself curiously unengaged with the stimulus drama unfolding in Washington. I feel like an anthropologist observing tribal behavior on an alien planet.

Several questions come to mind:

Was Obama really so naive as to seriously believe that Republicans would support him in any way? Or did he have some other agenda? Will he persist in his “bipartisanship” nonsense, or has he finally learned what we amateurs out here in the sticks already knew?

I finally came up with the correct terminology. I’ve been experimenting with “aristocracy,” “ruling class,” and “Lords of Finance,” but none of these terms really caught the essence of what I’ve been trying to say. So from now on (at least for now) I’ll be calling them what they really are: PARASITES.

A couple of weeks ago I proposed a simple litmus test to help us determine if fundamental, significant change was really happening. The litmus test is: Will taxes be raised on the Parasites? If so, then perhaps there is really hope. The answer is now in; that didn’t take long! As expected, the Parasites remain in total control. They are STILL getting tax cuts! I’m amazed that they still have any taxes left to cut.

The whole reason for cutting taxes on the Parasites is... I hope you’re ready for this... cutting taxes on the Parasites! Reducing their tax burden! Transferring the tax burden from the Parasites onto the rabble! Nothing more! All this so-called “stimulus effect,” or, as they used to call it, “trickle-down prosperity,” is mere voodoo, mumbo jumbo, meaningless bullshit. There is no “trickle-down stimulus effect,” never has been. “Tax cut” is such a simple slogan; two three-letter words which, through constant repetition, have achieved a religious significance, like saying “Jesus saves” over and over again. Tax cuts are sacred.

As taxes on the Parasites continue to be cut, we will now be hearing a steady drumbeat of “entitlement reform.” Which is code for, “screw the rabble.” There will be (literally) uncounted trillions of dollars for the Parasites, but basic services for the rabble will have to be cut, wouldn’t you know. Fucking greedy rabble; who the hell do they think they are, anyhow?

Geh. It’s not a particularly inspiring spectacle. It makes me weary writing about it. Personally, I would bleed the Parasites until they weren’t so bloated anymore -- pop them like engorged ticks -- but that’s not going to happen.


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