Thursday, October 23, 2008

John McCain: Minor Candidate

I just got back from a short vacation, and was shocked to learn that John McCain is going to be speaking in the Mesilla Plaza.

Now, the Mesilla Plaza is a great place, but it’s a minor venue. It’s a place for minor presidential wannabees, such as Dennis Kucinich and Wesley Clark. Joe Biden just spoke there, which is fine for a relatively low-profile vice-presidential candidate. But McCain? The big kahuna of All That’s Right? The fact that he’s speaking in the Mesilla Plaza shows just how pitiful his campaign really is. The McCain campaign chose Mesilla Plaza because it’s free, and because they just might fill it. (Psychologically speaking, it’s better to fill a small venue than to have 5000 people rattling around the PanAm Center, wondering where everybody else is.)

If Obama came to Las Cruces – which he won’t – he would fill the PanAm Center or Aggie Memorial Stadium. The enthusiasm gap between the two candidates is astounding.

As the campaign enters the home stretch, the McCain campaign is slinging mud in all directions, hoping some of it will stick. Take the whole “socialism” schtick. I mean, tax cuts for the wealthy isn’t socialism? Bailing out Wall Street with $700 billion isn’t socialism? Nationalizing the banks isn’t socialism? But giving Joe Consumer a little tax relief is socialism, evil incarnate, the ultimate no-no? Thanks for explaining this to me, John and Sarah! (And Sarah... I just adored your rap routine and cute red $5000 outfit on Saturday Night Live! You go, girl!)

I honestly don’t know anymore how intelligent Joe Consumer really is. It’s been a wild 28 years since Reagan took office, and it sure looks to me that Joe lost his marbles somewhere along the way. That’s why – despite everything – McCain continues to poll so well.

I’ll be voting next week, will make a final donation to Obama, and then I plan to curl up in the fetal position and hold my breath until after the election. What a spectacle this campaign has become! What a strange country America now is!

UPDATE Oct. 26
As it turned out, McCain drew 4000 people to his Mesilla rally. In head-to-head matchups in Albuquerque on Saturday, McCain drew 1000 people, and Obama drew 45,000. If the enthusiasm gap translates into votes, Obama should have no trouble carrying New Mexico.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back....... hope you enjoyed your vacation time......

I think that most of the public are always "curled up in a fetal position", in front of the TV, waiting, expecting that the nice government men will take care of them.

Amy says that the campaigns have spent to date... 5.3 BILLION dollars. I guess that money is spent on convincing the absolutely certain, the narrowly hopeful and utterly hopeless, that they will "take care of us". A pig is a pig, is a pig.... red lipstick or blue. I think that should he win, no matter how well intentioned Mr. Obama is,the real thugs that run the world will within days, have him in blue lipstick and red fishnet stockings, bent over the desk in the oval office. Kinda makes ya wish that McBush would win after all.. and should he pass away and "Americas favorite MILF" take his place bent over the desk.....? Hmmm.. well now, there's some airtime material with fund raising potential that won't strain the intellectual capacity of the viewers.

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