Monday, October 13, 2008

Lynch Mob Mentality

In my Oct. 5 post, “Obama vs. McCain: A Votebot Perspective,” I spoke about the delegitimization of Obama if he wins: “No matter how conciliatory Obama may be, the corporate media and right-wing noise machine will eat him alive (they already are). They’ll be fully ramped up in ballistic hyperdrive attack mode from the moment the election returns come in. The hue and cry from the right will be shrill and unrelenting.”

Well, they’ve already started. Since Obama has such a commanding lead, and McCain/Palin are such sucky candidates, why wait till the election? The McPalin campaign is already ramping up the attacks on Obama from day to day, and by the time the election rolls around, that’s all we’ll hear. The Republicans have created a lynch mob mentality – which, in addition to war, looting and corruption, is one of the things they do best.

Their attacks work best with what pundits delicately call “low-information voters.” H.L. Mencken called them the “boobs.” More colorful commentators call them the “knuckle draggers.” (There are far more people with IQs below 80 than there are with Obama’s intelligence.) These people, if not programmed right, can easily be made to resent and fear intelligent people.

The right wing strategy remains the same from decade to decade. Whenever the Republicans are in control, they literally break the bank. When the Cavers finally take power and try to clean up the mess, the Republicans, with their superior noise machine, obstruct the Cavers’ every effort to set things right. Then, when the Cavers have failed yet again to create a more enlightened nation, the Republicans take power once more, for another round of looting.

However, we’re rapidly approaching the End Times now – we’ve pissed away our wealth and energy resources (which will severely limit our options when we need them the most). The Earth is preparing to cut a big hot methane fart into our collective faces, and I don’t blame her one bit. Before long, the traditional political strategies will no longer work, and the ruling class will have to depend on naked power. Our new reality will be exciting indeed.


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