Monday, September 27, 2010

Site News

Major upgrades are in store here very shortly.

For one, I'll be reformatting this blog to include niceties such as links.  This particular blog template is so obsolete, Blogger retired it years ago.

The major change is that I'll be spinning off some subsidiary blogs.  I've already started an overflow blog to handle my excess output.  I've posted a lot of stuff there recently.

The major new blog will be called Dry Country News.  I put out a magazine with this name sporadically between 1979 and 1997 and have always wanted to start a Dry Country News blog.  As a matter of fact, New Earth Times has effectively been Dry Country News for at least six months now -- homestead happenings, banner cloud photos, signs of the seasons, monsoon updates, even Tapeworm Architecture -- all logically belong on the DCN blog.

I'll also be spinning off a "Memoir" blog to handle my autobiographical stuff.  I've got some fairly hot material ready to be posted.  Although I've lived an unbearably low-key life in many ways, I manage to write about it in an interesting way.

The New Earth Times blog will handle issues of a more planetary dimension.  Or extra-planetary as the case may be.
I plan to link my other blogs to the New Earth Times blog with one of those gizmos that automatically tells when the linked blogs have been updated.  No sense having to click on a blog that hasn't been updated.


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