Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Monsoon Continues

Yesterday afternoon we got what was probably our heaviest rain since the Great Flood of '06 -- 1.83".  This brings our August rainfall to 4.02".  The total for the summer is 8.20 inches so far.  As for the future, who knows?  Last month the climate people were making noises about conditions being favorable for more rain later in the summer, and this seems to be what's happening.  As a beekeeper, I'm happy about all the wildflower honey we're sure to bring in, but my back isn't so enthusiastic. 

By way of comparison, the 08 monsoon, which was our all-time record, totalled 13.35", and the 06 monsoon, the notorious "monsoon from hell," totalled 11.90".  So we've got a ways to go before we reach record-breaking levels, but the rains are likely to continue. 

BTW the river once again didn't flood.  These minor river floods are no big deal, except for turning our pasture into a soggy, muddy mess.  But it's just as well that we don't get a mess if possible.


Blogger Jacques Conejo said...

Good Stuff Mr. G. I for one am grateful that you keep such careful records of what's happening around here...



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