Monday, June 29, 2009

Rattler Runner Revisited

Okay, okay, okay!! Due to an extraordinary response to my post, "She Who Runs With Rattlesnakes," I have consented to revisit the subject and the location. I was sorry that I didn't happen to run across (pun intended) a rattlesnake on that particular run when I was compiling pictures for that post. It seems as if everyone wants to know more about the rattlesnake which I have seen on other runs, but did not see on this run. So, I ventured entrepidly forth unto the Marble Mine Road with my CoolPix determined to document the evidence of snakitude. Well, as snakes are known to be very independent and free thinking, no rattlesnake showed so much as a scale. However, to calm the masses of blog reading fans, I did find a spectacular and harmless big snake draped serenely across the middle of the road.
So, New Earth Timesers, this one's for you!
-- Laura Solberg