Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thought for Today

It was an aide to President George W. Bush who reportedly coined the phrase “reality-based community,” and he meant it as a disparaging description of sissy liberals who deal with reality on its own terms instead of molding new realities with manly action.

Here’s the thing about redefining reality: you can’t do it. Reality is reality, baby. And all your brilliant ideas and manly sweat and smug self-confidence are plankton to reality’s big Blue Whale.
Reality is that ache in your joints, that sag in your jowls, that crease in your face, that blur in your vision, and that grave in your future.

You can fight it - baby, you can fight it tooth and nail - with aerobics, surgery, and vitamin C, and you can even hold it back for a moment if you’re willing to put out the energy, but it will win in the end. Reality always wins. That’s why we call it reality.

Most people understand this. We have a word for that minority of people who don’t. We call them “crazy.” In fact, a pretty common definition of crazy is “refusing to accept reality.”

-- Max Udargo
Daily Kos
Apr. 14, 2009


Anonymous Jacques Conejo said...

Thanks for sharing that one! It is so curious to me, that we struggle so hard to avoid the simple, the obvious.

I'm still trying to reset my cells. I'm trying to eliminate, (or at least modify) the specific electro-magnetic signature generated by decades of thinking unrealistically.

It's a bit like endeavoring to induce a " flipping of the poles " within ones' own conscious energetic body.

Not that it would make any difference, I guess... but it's fun to fantasize about. I suppose such an endeavor has as much value from a "reality" perspective as any other.

Thanks Gordon for all you do....


7:03 AM  

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