Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday I finally had time to rototill the west 1/3 of my garden. First I made one pass over the garden with the tiller, and then Laura and I crumbled 3 bales of hay over the surface. This section of the garden is about 1000 square feet. This picture shows me tilling in the hay. I have to wear a respirator mask because of the tiller's exhaust fumes.

More tilling, with the Ark in the background. The upright white pipes are my irrigation sprayers.

Another view showing the Rio Grande in the background.

Almost done! After I was through tilling, I planted 7 tomato plants in wall-o-waters. I was only 5 days late with them -- I try to get them in the ground by March 15, and I usually harvest ripe tomatoes by June 1. I also planted broccoli, lettuce, and other spring plants in coldframes, about 3 weeks late. But I'll still get a good crop before the heat of summer.


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