Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Game Change

"We are talking about how to be able to change the games that Peoples play.

The strategy of game change is: you don’t change a game by winning it or losing it or refereeing it or observing it. You change it by leaving it and going somewhere else and starting a new game from scratch. If it has appeal it will gather its own energy.

Whatever plays the game, the game is played on the field of the physical. Mind points don’t count unless something happens physically. Move the molecules, or admit you’re a spectator.

There are lots of ways to organize social behavior. The advantage of working with games is that they are regenerative, if they work. The fun of playing sustains the game from within, from the pleasure of the players. Instigators need not be leaders; the game generates its own leadership and succession."

-- Stewart Brand
The Whole Earth Catalog
Laura asks, "Do we have to move all the molecules ourselves?"
I used to think this quote was applicable to real life until I realized the only way to "go somewhere else and start a new game from scratch" would be to move to another planet.


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